Club Captains Annual Report 2012

Club News : Club Captains Annual Report 2012

I started the year at our captains drive in. To those who have not had this pleasure I can recommend it to get the blood racing and the adrenalin up. I managed to get it down the fairway in the general direction of the marker pegs to my great relief.

It all seemed to go quiet then for a while. The fixtures were in place for the summer, team captains appointed, committee formed and all was well.

We started planning at a very early stage for charity day swapping ideas and potential sources of cash ! Firstly we contacted Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance to let them know that they had been chosen for the clubs charity this year. I am grateful to Liz and Andy Anderson for agreeing to the concept of one main club charity. It made things so much easier. I knew that the seniors and the ladies also supported other worthy causes on their individual section days as well.

I was looking forward to working with SGL as the little I had seen of them before my year gave a good impression. I was not disappointed. My year has been made so easy due in no small way to all of the SGL team. Led from the front by Peter and Gail they have all been so willing and eager to help to make Orchardleigh  such a pleasure to visit. As captain I have had a peek behind the scenes and now have a more educated view of the amount of hard work carried out by the SGL team. We are fortunate to be in their hands.

The year has been WET. There I have said it all !. Its no wonder my handicap has not reduced with the lack of bounce and roll I depend on so much. I know we have all thanked Dave and his team through the year and I am happy to do so once again, thanks for keeping us afloat boys !!.

Competition has been as fierce as usual administered by your committee and the sterling help of Jordan Lawrence. I would like to thank our 3 team captains Rob Edney for Avalon A, Martin Smith for Avalon B and Dave Jukes for the Stragglers.

Avalon A had a good season with all 5 home games won + a good away win at Worlebury.

Avalon B had an even better year and won their league !

The Stragglers once again had a good year winning all but one of their home fixtures, with lots of kind comments coming from the opposition about our club.

Charity day this year was again a very successful event with a large turnout. It never fails to amaze me that the  members will always continue to support charity days even in these tougher times, with the competitions in the year such as bank holiday shotguns, the Sunday club collections, the quiz nights ( thanks Phil) and the day  itself we will be presenting a cheque for over £8000 to the Air Ambulance. Thank you everyone.

I have enjoyed my year tremendously. Outside of a  few complaints and blips it has gone pretty smoothly. I have played a lot of golf and attended most events. I want to thank my wife for all her support and for running our business in my absence ( yes I am still working !). We really do have a great combination here.  A fantastic course which is getting better plus  enthusiastic and sociable owners in SGL. I really would like to see more of our car park members using the facilities a bit more. The occasional coffee/drink taken by more of the members all helps to keep the place vibrant and dynamic.

I will end by thanking Jim and the committee for all their hard work through the year. To the other captains (Liz and Malcolm) for their contributions. In particular Dave Jukes who has done a sterling job as vice captain and I am sure will be a superb club captain.



Mike OShea

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