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Val Stringer Cup

The Val Stringer competition took place on 31st August and was followed by a farewell lunch hosted by Connie Gilchrist.  Sadly Connie is leaving the club and moving to London.  She has been a member for many years and during that time has contributed a huge amount to the Ladies section.  It was very fitting that Connie should be part of the winning team. Thank you Connie, you will be missed!

1st - Connie Gilchrist, Lorraine Collings, Kate Chadwick

2nd - Anne Regler, Liz Folland, Penny Naish

Created: 15-Sep-17 16:51

Sally Lock Trophy

Sue Sweet was the winner of this year's Sally Lock Trophy.

The competition is played in two rounds of Stableford.  Sue had a score of 32 pts in round 1 and 33 pts in round 2, giving her a total of 65 pts.  Kate Chadwick came 2nd scoring 33 pts in round 1 and 29 in round 2 totalling 62 pts.

Created: 23-Aug-17 15:42

Ladies Club Championship Results

Congratulations go to Anne Regler who won this year's Lady Club Championship with a gross score of 175. Runner up was Loes de Kleuver with a gross score of 180.

The full results of the Championships are as follows:


Silver gross - 1st Anne Regler 85,   2nd Sarah Hynds  91

Silver nett - 1st Anne Regler 72,  2nd Gail Painter 73

Bronze gross - 1st Sonia Probert 100,  2nd Brigitte Lomer 103

Bronze nett - 1st Michele Fairweather 76,  2nd Sonia Probert 78


Silver gross - 1st Loes de Kleuver 86,  2nd Anne Regler 90

Silver nett - 1st Loes de Kleuver 74,  2nd Sue Sweet 77

Bronze gross - 1st Brigitte Lomer 99,  2nd Sonia Probert 102

Bronze nett - 1st Michele Fairweather,  2nd Kate Chadwick 75


Bronze nett overall - Michele Fairweather 148

Bronze Champion - Brigitte Lomer 202

Third Place nett overall - Di Norris 156

Runner up nett overall - Loes de Kleuver 156

Silver nett overall - Anne Regler 150

Third Place - Diana Bullock 191

Runner up - Loes de Kleuver 180

Ladies Champion - Anne Regler 175

Created: 31-Jul-17 14:49

Pudney Pitcher/Macey Cup

The Pudney Pitcher (under 70's) and the Macey Cup (over 70's) took place on the same day and the results were

Pudney Pitcher

1st - Christina Francis 38 pts

2nd - Anne Regler 36 pts

3rd - Sue Sweet 35 pts

Macey Cup

1st - Carol Weightman 35 pts

2nd - Mary Lock 34 pts

3rd - Diana Bullock 33 pts


Created: 31-Jul-17 14:43

Lady Captain's Day

The Lady Captain's Day took place on Saturday 1st July. The competition was a Texas Scramble in teams of three.  The results were:

1st - Jan Light, Michelle Fairweather and Sue Dredge.

2nd - Anne Regler, Gail Painter and Anne Kirk

3rd - Sue Chalker, Veronica Cherry and Sonia Probert 

Created: 05-Jul-17 15:12
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