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Val Stringer Cup

The Val Stringer competition which should have been played in March, was rescheduled for 27th September when the weather was far kinder.  The results were as follows:

1st - Anne Regler, Liz Folland, Carol Marquiss - 78 pts

2nd - Pat Jones, Di Norris, Michelle Fairweather - 74 pts

3rd - Christina Francis, Sonia Probert, Christine Arnold - 63 pts

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2016 Ladies Trophy Winners

Harris Trophy Club Champion 2016 - Sarah Hynds

Claret Jug -Runner up Anne Regler

3rd Loes de Kleuver

Wilder Cup -     Brigitte Lomer

Louis Goblet -  Liz Folland

Dicken Cup -     Marie Cusworth

Dicken Shield -    Loes de Kleuver & Sarah Doble  R/U Anne Regler & Marion Underhill

Val Stringer Cup - Anne Regler, Liz Folland & Carol Marquiss

Winter Ecletic -       Sarah Doble                R/U               Audrey Holland

Pudney Pitcher -    Audrey Holland            R/U              Jackie Pudney

Vincent Cup -         Christina Francis          R/U              Sarah Hynds

Barwell Masters-    Christine Arnold           R/U              Diana Bullock

Keysell Cup -         Sarah Hynds                R/U              Anne Regler

Macey Senior Bowl -   Molly Cary               R/U             Sonia Probert 

Sally Lock -           Christine Arnold             R/U             Christina Francis

Pitt Rose Bowl  -  Loes de Kleuver & Diana Bullock        R/U     Christina Francis & Audrey Holland

Wykes Trophy -    Anne Regler & Gail Painter     R/U   Audrey Holland & Michele Fairweather                                                         

Committee Cup -      Anne Regler          R/U         Christina Francis

Jefferies Trophy -      Steve & Anne Regler             R/U        Pat Jones & Pete Maunder

Ping 4BBB -               Diana Bullock & Pat Pitt       R/U  Sarah Doble & Loes de Kleuver - Carol Marquiss & Marie Cusworth   

Daily Mail 4somes  -   Sue Sweet & Christina Francis  R/U Gail Painter & Sarah Hynds

Coronation 4somes -  Sonia Probert & Di Norris   R/U  Loes de Kleuver & Sue Chalker 

Summer Eclectic -      Anne Regler                                     R/U  Pat Jones

Gilchrist Trophy -       Sarah Hynds 

Past It's -                  Sue Sweet

Holden Plate -          Jackie Pudney 

Birdie Tree -              Sarah Hynds

Hole in One  -           Diana Bullock

                                 Liz Attenborough    

Order of Merit -         Silver:  Loes de Kleuver    Bronze:  Marion Underhill

EGU Medal -            Loes de Kleuver  

Captain's Challenge Trophy  -   Marion Underhill (VC)

County Seniors

Wattman Trohpy -   Sue Sweet & Anne Regler

President's Putter  -  Liz Attenborough

Collett Cup  -           Pat Pitt

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