Video Analysis Using cSwing Software

As an alternative to our standard lessons, and to help improve your learning experience, we are also able to offer video analysis using the excellent cSwing golf software.  This is combined with video recorded using the Casio EX-FH25 digital camera.  This is used to capture video at up 420 frames per second and means that we don't miss a thing!

Using comparisons with tour professionals and purpose designed tools; we can illustrate to you how we would like your technique to change and accurately track your progress over time.  This visual feedback can greatly accelerate your learning.

This presents the student with an opportunity to bridge the gap between what they feel is happening, and the reality of what is actually happening.

Lesson Format

  • We will start the diagnosis on the range by making some initial observations and after evaluating your ball flight.  We wil then video your swing.

  • The next step is the frame by frame analysis.  Here you can see what is happening for yourself.  With the additional information this gives us we can provide you with appropriate drills and practices to make the necessary changes.

  • The remainder of the session will be spent trying to practice what you have learnt.
  • Finally, you will be given a CD of your swing videos for you to view at home.
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