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You can gain a big advantage by having your clubs built to best suit your game.

Nearly every iron sets we sell are custom built for the individual. That means they are personalised to suit your physical & swing characteristics, giving you the chance to play your best golf.

A  standard iron fitting session has begins with static measurements being taken such as your height, wrist-to-floor and hand size.  From there, we will establish a base by hitting some shots with your own irons and recording the data with our Vector launch monitor (we also use real golf balls for complete accuracy, not reduced distance range balls).  This process is repeated with our demo irons until we find the clubhead, shaft & length combination that works the best.

Having establised the preferred iron model, lie angle and set make-up can be determined with further use of the monitor and a lie board.  The monitor also allows us to tailor drivers to provide the best launch conditions for every golfer.  The Vector is the industry standard in Launch Monitors and allows extremely accurate measurement of clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle and spin rates etc, taking guesswork out of the equation.

We have teamed up with a number of big name manufacturers who are able to supply custom built golf clubs quickly and at no extra cost.

We also have a workshop on site so your existing clubs can be checked and adjusted to fit you better. *


* Lie adjustments dependant on clubhead material i.e cast or steel

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