Seniors’ Section Procedural Guidelines

Orchardleigh Golf Club

Seniors’ Section
Procedural Guidelines


a.   The aim of the Seniors’ Section is to promote golf and social events for the senior members of Orchardleigh Golf Club.

b.   Any male member of Orchardleigh Golf Club, who has attained the age of 55 years, is eligible to join the Section and is encouraged to do so.

c.   Membership is free, by completing the Seniors application form to be found on the Seniors’ notice board and handed to any committee member or into the office.


a.   The Seniors’ Section will be managed by an elected Committee, who will try to meet at least on a monthly basis to discuss matters relating to the well being of the Section.

b.   They will organise the playing and social activities and respond to recommendations and suggestions from members of the Section.

c.   They will hold the Treasurer responsible for the proper accounting of all monies coming into and paid out of the Section and the preparation of regular financial statements.

d.   They will arrange for the minutes of their meetings and other matters of interest to members to be placed on the Seniors’ notice board.

e.   A quorum for Committee meetings is two-thirds of its membership, which includes the attendance of the Captain or Vice-Captain, and, in the event of a tied vote, with the chairman of the meeting having a (second) casting vote.


a.   The election of the Committee will take place at the AGM and, if there is more than one nomination for a post, there will be a paper ballot among the members attending.  

                       The Committee comprises:                             


                                                                          Vice-Captain (Captain-elect) 


                                                                          Fixture Secretary

                                                                         Competition Secretary



     An Assistant Fixture Secretary should also be appointed, to assist handover, where the existing Fixture Secretary indicates that he does not wish to continue after a further  12 months.  The Assistant Fixture Secretary will have no voting  powers.

 An Assistant Competition Secretary shall be appointed to deputise for the Competitio Secretary.   The Assistant Competition Secretary shall have no voting powers.

  b.   With effect from January 2010, the administrative year will run from 1st January to 31st December.   With effect from January 2011, Committee members will take up their appointments on 1st January each year

 c.   All members of the Committee, except the Captain-elect, must stand down, but can be nominated for re-election to serve for a further year.

 d.   Any member can nominate any other member to serve for a specific post on the Committee at election time by completing the official proposal form, available from the Seniors’ Secretary.

 e.   Any name put forward for nomination should have a Proposer and Seconder and the nominee should sign the form to confirm his agreement to stand for election.

 f.   All nominations should be sent to the Seniors’ Secretary on the official nomination form by mid-day on the closure date – 14 days before the advertised date of the AGM.


 a.   The AGM will be held in November each year.

 b.   If a member wishes to put an item on the agenda for the AGM, he must submit it to the Seniors’ Secretary 14 days before the AGM.

 c.   Notice of the AGM, and any EGM, must be advertised on the Seniors’ notice board, at least 21 days prior to the meeting and include details of Committee members seeking re-election.

 d.   An EGM can be called by the Committee at any time or upon a request signed by at least ten members of the Section.

 e.   The quorum for AGMs and EGMs is ten members, and in the event of a tied vote, with the chairman of the meeting having a (second) casting vote.


 a.   The position of Captain-Elect is open to all members of the Seniors’ Section.

 b.   The acceptance of the Captain-Elect at the AGM will automatically confirm his succession as Captain for the following year.

 c.   It is the Captain’s prerogative to put forward his preferred candidate for nomination for

      Captain-Elect to the Committee for endorsement.

 d.   If the Committee have no objections to the Captain’s nominee, that name will go forward to the AGM with any other applications that may be received.

 e.   If there is more than one nomination, a paper ballot will take place at the AGM.



 a.    Captain.

 i.      Represent the Seniors' Section at all times, including at the Club Committee.   Present a monthly

         report to the Seniors’ Committee on the Section activities during the previous month.

ii.     Prepare Club Committee meeting report from the Seniors’ Committee.

iii.    Select and organise the team for Senior Inter-Club Matches.          

iv.    Liase and co-ordinate with the Club Manager on any items that affect the Seniors.

v.     Be responsible for setting standards and ensure that all seniors adhere to the Golf etiquette and

       dress code of the Club.

vi.    Chair meetings of the Section and its Committee.

vii.    Chairman of Seniors’ Handicap Annual Review Committee.

viii.   A Member of the General Club Handicap Committee.


 b.   Captain-Elect.

 i.      Assist the Captain in all aspects of his duties and deputise in his absence.

ii.     Post information on Senior Opens at other clubs on the Seniors’ notice board.

iii.    A Member of the General Club Committee.


 c.   Secretary.

 i.     Maintain register of members.

ii.    Prepare the agendas and minutes of Committee meetings and post copies of minutes on the

       Seniors’ notice board.

iii.   Deal with correspondence arising from committee meetings.

iv.   Prepare any annual and intermediate reports as required.          

v.    All aspects of the administration for the AGM.


 d.   Competition Secretary.   Organise and control all in-club competitions, book tee-times and publish results.


 e.   Fixture Secretary.

 i.     Arrange all Senior Inter-Club matches

ii.    Post fixtures on the Seniors' notice board.

iii.   Ensure that tee times are reserved as necessary.


 f.   Treasurer.

 i.     Account for all Income and Expenditure of the Seniors’ Section funds.

ii.    Arrange and prepare Annual Accounts for Audit and submit to AGM.

iii.   Supply the Seniors’ Committee with monthly financial reports, or as required.



 a.   The Seniors Handicap Review Committee will comprise of the Seniors Captain plus 2 Committee Members.

b.   The Committee will be responsible for conducting a Handicap Review for all Members of the Seniors’ Section in accordance with CONGU Guidelines. The Seniors’ Handicap Review is to be          carried out during the period 1 November to 15 December each year.

c.   The data used will be from all Qualifying and Non Qualifying results recorded on the Club Computer over the previous 12 months.   Performance in match play, four-ball better ball competitions and other forms of team events will also be considered.

d.   The recommendations of the Seniors’ Handicap Committee will be forwarded for consideration at the General Club Handicap Committee Meeting in January each year.

e.   The Seniors Captain will notify all Members whose handicap has been approved for adjustment.



 a.   The Committee can co-opt any member of the seniors’ Section onto the Committee to carry out or assist in a specific requirement, including to fill a mid-year vacancy, subject to the decision being posted on the Seniors' notice board.

 b.   Details of the current Committee members are to be displayed on the Seniors’ notice board.

 c.   Any changes to the Procedural Guidelines, with the exception of Annexe A (Seniors' Activities), can be approved only at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

 d.   Any member can make representation in writing at any time to the Seniors’ Committee, if he thinks that changes should be made.

 e.   The Seniors’ Committee may appoint representatives of the Section to serve on Club Committees.







1.   General.  


 a.   The objective of the Seniors’ Committee is to promote the game of golf among qualifying members of the Seniors’ Section in a friendly and cordial atmosphere.  

b.   Disputes arising from the application and interpretation of the Rules of Golf, and/or procedures to be followed, which cannot be resolved amicably between players, must be referred at the earliest opportunity to a member of the Seniors’ Committee for resolution.

2.   Competitions.

a.   A Roll-Up takes place every Monday, except on Public Holidays when it will be held on the Tuesday.   The Committee will reserve Tee Times for the Roll-Up.   Tee times may vary as a consequence of events beyond the Committee's control.   Tee times will be posted on the Seniors’ Website and notice board.  Any changes to them, will be notified not less than one week in advance.

b.   Members wishing to play in the Roll-Up should meet at the Clubhouse during the reporting times which will be displayed on the Notice Board, to register their entry for the Competition of the day.  The order of play will be organised by the Competitions Secretary.    In exceptional circumstances only and with the prior approval of the Competition Secretary, players may book tee times outside of the Roll-Up time, to play in the Competition of the day.

c.   All Roll-Ups during the period 1 April and 31 October each year, will be Qualifying Competitions (except team games, bowmakers etc).  

d.   During the period 1 November to 31 March games will be predominantly team games, bowmakers etc.

e.   A monthly qualifying medal will be held during the period April to September inclusive.   Also, a Captain’s Cup and Veterans’ Vase will be held.   Every effort will be made for playing groups to be from the same division. 

f.  A Seniors’ Championship will be held for all Club Members who are aged 55 and over on the day of the competition and it will include the Monthly medal.   Players will be arranged in handicap order with the winner having the lowest gross score. Medal prizes will be awarded to the highest placed Senior Section member. 

g.   The Drums Hill Masters Competition will be held each year with eligibility being achieved by winning in the previous calendar one of the following Seniors Section competitions:

i. Drums Hill Masters

ii. Monthly Medals (Division 1 or 2)

iii.Stableford Qualifier (Division 1 or 2)

iv.Seniors Championship giventhe winnerheld membership of the Seniors Section prior to competing in the Seniors Championship

v.Knock-out Singles

vi.Knock-out pairs

vii.Eclectic (Division 1 or 2)

The competition format will be a Medal Qualify (single division) with playing groups arranged in handicap order (lowest first)

h.  All Senior Competitions will be played off the Yellow Tees.

i.   There are two Divisions for Competitions.   With effect from 1 February 2013, Division 1 for handicaps 0 – 17 and Division 2 for handicaps 18 – 28.  The handicap split for Divisions will be reviewed annually if necessary, to achieve a more even balance of player numbers within the Divisions.

j.  Summer Eclectic and Summer Knockout competitions will be arranged.  

k.  The Committee will make a small entrance fee for all competitions.   A proportion of the fee will be allocated to the  Seniors’ Fund, with the remainder used to provide prizes.    Competition results will be displayed on the Orchardleigh Golf Club website and the Seniors’ notice board.



l.   An annual programme of Competitions and Friendly Matches will be displayed on the Seniors’ notice board. 


3.   Other Competitions.   Annual Senior Opens will be held.


4.   Away Days.    One or more Away Days will be selected each year, subject to the availability of funds. The Seniors Captain will select the Golf Club(s) and make all the necessary arrangements. Dates and venues for these, together with cost of participation and an entry sheet, will be posted on the Seniors’ notice board at least 6 weeks in advance.


5.   Captain’s Invitation Day.   An Invitational Day, or alternative Competition, will be held in October each year, as decided by the Seniors Captain.


6.   Inter-Club Friendly Matches.

a.   Inter-Club Friendly matches will be posted on the notice board in advance of the fixture.   Those wishing and available to take part in these matches (including the evening meal), should enter their names on the sheet in good time.

b.   The Seniors Captain will select the team and preference will be given to those members who support the seniors at Roll-Ups and other senior activities.

c.   Every effort will be made to give all members who put their name down on the lists, an opportunity to represent the Seniors’ Section in home and away Friendly Matches.

d.  The selected team will be posted in good time, giving details of start times and playing partner.  Selected team players are to arrive at the Friendly Match venue half an hour before the first tee time.

e.  If due to any unforeseen circumstances members are unable to play after being selected, they are required to notify the Seniors Captain immediately.   Failure to do so may result in a temporary ban from playing in Friendly Matches.

f.   Team Members are strongly encouraged to wear the Club Seniors’ shirt and Club coloured sweaters.   Also, Team Members are expected to stay for the evening meal.   A jacket and tie (preferably Club tie) will be required.


7.   Senior Open Competions at Other Clubs.

a.  A list of Senior Open Tournaments covering the local area will be published annually and will be displayed on the Seniors’ notice board.  In addition, a folder containing the full details of Opens at other clubs in the local area will be located at the Club reception area.

b.   Entry to these competitions is open to all Senior Members of the Club.   If limited places are oversubscribed, places will be allocated by a draw.    


8.   Changes.

a.  The details in this Annex can be amended at any time by the Seniors’ Committee to meet changing circumstances in the interests of the Seniors’ Section.

b.   Any changes to Annex A will be displayed on the Seniors’ notice board.

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