Stragglers Vs Saltford Match Result

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Stragglers VsSaltford, Match Result.

Stragglers faced heavy rain showers  and a strong Saltford Team.

The match started in fine weather and everybody looking forward to their matches.,The palyers had to suffer two heavy  rain showers, but judging by the banter and the lack of teas and coffees being comsumed after the matches these had no effect on the payers enjoyment of the contest..

The meal after the match consisted of chicken cooked in a light tomato sauce severed  with new potatoes  and veg, followed by a rhubarb and sponge creation with custard.  With a quick count of the number of empty  plates and bowls, not to mention empty beer glasses, it looks like most of the Straggles, if not all of them, will be  returning to Saltford at the next available opportunity.

The match result was a Draw wirth Saltford.

Thanks to all the players and lets hope that this was the last of the rain and we can look forward to sunny skies for the remaining matches. 

If you are considering playing for the Stragglers see the noticeboard in the club house.

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