Course Report

Greenkeeper Report - May 2017

by greenkeeper

on Fri May 19, 2017

April this year has yealded only 2mm of rain and cold winds, this has kept ground temperatures low resulting in very little recovery or spring growth. This week the ground temps have risen and with the first substantial rain in 9 weeks it has given us the opportunity to apply our fairway and tee fertiliser. It is also planned over the next week to spray tees with selective weedkiller as over the drought period the grass was too stressed to cope with it being applied earlier.

The greens have been double verticut and 20tn of sand applied. This will be a more common practice over the summer months although only single verticut and light dressings to help smooth out and firm up the surface. We now have a new greens mower in our fleet of machines and inturn this mower will enable us to lower the height on the greens if needed. The dry weather has stunted the poa seed development but after wednesdays rain it now seems to be in full swing.
Finally you may see a slight difference in the course appearance as we are cutting the rough slighty different this year to try and make our fairways more pronounced.

Dave Roberts
Head Greenkeeper