Dress Code

We expect all our Members, Visitors and Guests to maintain a smart standard of dress, whether on the course or in the Clubhouse.

Clothing Guidelines

On Course

A smart standard of recognised golf clothing is expected at all times.

Golf shoes and socks must be worn at all times.

Caps/Hats can be worn providing the peak faces forwards.

Golf Shorts and Trousers should be Tailored

Ladies are permitted to Wear Skorts / Skirts

The following are not permitted to be worn on the golf course:

- No Tracksuits / Gym Wear

- No Football / Rugby Shirts.

In the Clubhouse

We are proud of our Clubhouse and ask everyone to respect this and dress appropriately.

Smart Casual is the expected dress code. There may be occasions where a more formal dress code be required.

The following are not permitted to be worn in the clubhouse:

- No Golf Shoes

- No Hats / Caps

- No Tracksuits / Gym Wear